Internship status update!

Internship status update!

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I last wrote about my internship, ennit?

I got sidetracked writing a huge-ass multi-part article about Kubernetes and couldn’t write anything else. I’m hoping to make up for it once I start publishing that article—it’ll come out weekly.

Anyway, updates:


I finally pushed my first substantial PR into the kubectl repo. You can see it here. It’s a tiny library that’s to be part of a larger collection of libraries with the purpose of making it dead easy for developers to create new Kubernetes commands.

It’s not merged yet—just waiting to clear up a teeny tiny snag there—but it’s pretty much done.

Next up on that is writing a boatload of tests for it. And I’m really looking forward to this part too, because I’m gonna be using this crazy new testing framework they just came up with, and you know how much I love getting into trouble. It’s fresh out of the oven, take a look at it.


In more dramatic news, this internship is drawing to a close. We got just under two weeks left.

It’s unbelievable how rich and rewarding this experience has been.

I won’t go into too much detail right now, I’ll leave that for the formal omg-it’s-all-over-now post, but… it’s incredible. This experience has changed my life. It really has.

Which draws the question…

What’s next?

For one, I’ll keep working on Kubernetes. Not full-time—probably, who knows—but I really wanna continue the work I’ve started.

We had outlined a roadmap containing three of those little libraries, and I’ll only have the time to finish one of them within the internship. I definitely wanna finish all three, and then we’ll see what I’ll do next. If I’m to guess, I’ll probably stick around on SIG CLI doing one thing or another.

Next on the list is, I really really really really really wanna finish editing the Go course I recorded a few months ago so that I can finally publish it. It’s so close it’s ridiculous. There are a few videos here and there that I’ll have to add or re-record, but otherwise the raw footage is all there. Why is video editing such a time consuming process? Ugh.

And lastly, I’m in the interview process with a super cool company I can see myself having a jolly good time at.

I’m currently working on their take-home technical challenge. I’ll totally ace it—it’s pretty easy. (Or is it? Maybe it’s not and I just think it is because compared to Kubernetes anything is a walk in the park, right?)

Anyway, they have an office nearby, I know some people there who are pretty alright, and the work itself makes me itching to get my hands dirty with it.

That’s it for now. The past few months were pretty intense, and I’m sure the following ones will be even more.

I love it.